Strategy Examples

Read about Jim Matcham’s strategy for identifying, building, & tracking solutions for your business in the following examples.

Strategic Decision Support

Click on the image to see a larger version of the sample decision chart.

As clients work through the decision process, Jim provides decision support frameworks.  The client team works through the primary dimensions.  The team thinks through the risks and how best to mitigate those risks.  The end result is a simple red / yellow / green chart that provides an easy view of the trade-offs for a particular decision.  These tools also provide a framework to understand what risks can be easily mitigated and which risks are traded off between solution sets.

Network Modeling

Click on the image to see a larger version of the network modeling changes.

Network modeling allows clients to view their entire logistics program on a map.  This view allows the client to easily see anomalies or problems such as supporting West Coast business from a Midwest distribution center.  The process of network modeling helps clients monetize the trade-offs of inventory, warehouse costs, transportation costs and customer service levels.  Clients who are considering the strategic locations of warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing locations find great value in network modeling.  Clients who use network modeling to manage the cost and service trade-offs find value in doing network modeling every 3-5 years.

Operational Dashboard

Click on the image to see a larger sample Operational Dashboard.

LEAN, Six Sigma, dashboards, and operational excellence all begin with understanding what is most important to the business and providing visible metrics.  Good metrics convert data into actionable information.  The best metrics ensure that the actionable data is aligned with the strategic intent of the business.  Jim Matcham can help you to develop and implement actionable information for sustainability and continuous improvement.

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