Jim Matcham

Jim Matcham is a seasoned professional with over three decades of experience in manufacturing and supply chain management. Guided by the principles of respect and strategic intelligence, he approaches challenges with a comprehensive mindset. Holding an MBA in executive management, specializing in supply chain and project management, Jim brings a wealth of expertise to stakeholders. Jim’s career journey balances domestic and international exposure, with each contributing roughly 50% to his experience. He has contributed equally to both 3PL (third-party logistics) providers and manufacturers. Combining extensive hands-on knowledge of supply chain and logistics with expertise creates a unique vantage point to devise practical solutions that consistently yield tangible outcomes. Jim’s dedication to quality and integrity, strategic insights and decisive execution support operational efficiency and sustainable results. Jim is a seasoned professional in manufacturing and supply chain management.

Building Real World Solutions

First, Jim Matcham works to understand your specific situation. Next, he partners with you to determine where your skills and time are best spent as an organization. After we have a complete picture of your situation we build real world solutions based on best practices, your business imperatives and our combined experience. We are not done until there is a solution in place

Creating Measureable, Repeatable Results

What is measured can be improved.  One of the basic tenants of LEAN is to continually measure results to understand what makes a difference.  Jim Matcham works with you to understand the key issues and the most important areas to measure.   Data-based knowledge will make sure the solutions we build are sustainable.  Measurement also encourages organizations to manage proactively.

Transforming Business Through Supply Chain

Many organizations treat supply chain and logistics as a necessary evil or tactical imperative.  Supply chain should be a strategic choice to improve product positioning, customer service, and control costs.  Transformation doesn’t mean changing everything. It means making all the parts fit together cleanly for maximum benefit to both your company and customers.
“Be respectful, be smart; organize, prioritize, execute. ” -Jim Matcham
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